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Successful sustainability efforts require the perfect intersection of people, planet, and profit - Steve

Steve Hoffmann, LEED AP

Steve Hoffmann is a consultant, speaker, author and trainer.  As an adventurer, lover of the natural environment, and an extreme sports enthusiast he acquired a passion for people and the environment at an early age.  An influencer in the early shaping and defining of the sustainability arena he began his professional journey as Sustainability Director for Milliken & Company.


Steve is currently Principal at SJ Hoffmann & Associates (eco2smart),  a sustainability consulting firm that assists clients develop their unique sustainability strategy, certification and standard compliance,  governance, stakeholder experiences and training. Stakeholder satisfaction experience includes journey mapping, data collection, gap analysis, improvement and innovation. He is originally from Philadelphia and a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University with a BS in Business Administration and Marketing.  He currently resides in Surf City, NJ.


Industry Experience


Steve’s industry experience includes Sustainability Director at Milliken and Company. This role required creating and implementing leading edge concepts, policies, and practices contributing to Milliken’s commitment to environmental excellence throughout multiple business units, market segments, and manufacturing operations.   Steve’s commitment to the industry includes his current role as Principal of SJ Hoffmann & Associates, LLC, a sustainability consulting firm.


Professional highlights include development and participation in two PBS productions airing on national television. He also developed and led an interactive sustainability teleconference presentation linking 17 offices of the world’s largest architectural design firm. Steve’s presentations at press conferences include a press announcement at the New York Stock Exchange for Home Depot’s grant award to the Capital Markets Partnership for affordable green housing education.   Steve was also instrumental in securing a Resolution from the Conference of Mayors to support investment in high performance green buildings through the purchase of sustainable mortgage backed securities.  Steve has actively presented and participated in the launch of numerous conferences introducing keynote speakers, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Other professional highlights include the development and ongoing training and support for national sales organization of more than 200 on environmental standards including LEED;  leading cross-functional teams to share information, best practices, and unification of  global environmental marketing, positioning and communication; establishing and directing strategic channel partnerships for end-of life product management; and completing product Life Cycle Assessment certifications.  Steve also developed and delivered International Interior Design Association (IIDA) accredited presentations.  His current focus is participating in efforts to migrate environmental practices from being merely sustainable to transformative.

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